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We calibrate and maintain safety valves and relief valves using a novel technique of variable diagnostics that allows us to identify faults in these equipments.

We calibrate valves on site, in our workshops and in any part of Colombia. We collect your valve in your facility, repair it, calibrate it and take it back.
We work and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we do not have office hours because we understand the needs of our customers.
Hydratica generates data, analyzes them and delivers them to its clients so they can make decisions in their Maintenance Strategy and generate IMPORTANT SAVINGS.


We measure and record every second of your calibration.


We are experts in identifying faults, interpreting anomalies, predicting them and generating value to our customers in each calibration. We do not deliver only one report, we deliver a solution that generates value to our customers.



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Our Value Offer

Our calibration process is structured so that the valve guarantees the integrity of the container it protects. We know in detail the standard for each application and shield our client from any premature failure.



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They are not our devices, our people are our true differentiating potential.

We have qualified and internally certified personnel, where we validate the skills in the field and in the classroom to give our customers all our support that characterizes us and that today makes us position ourselves in the first place.



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