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The conventional and actually used technique for hydrostatic testing is a technology over 30 years ago, Hydratica offers a technological development that allows our customers the following benefits :


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 ISO 9001 Certificates for Hydrostatic Testing in Flexible Hoses in Onshore and Offshore Operations.


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We have extensive experience, specific knowledge and lessons learned in the planning and execution of hydrostatic tests on this type of hoses. We know perfectly the criteria of acceptance and rejection to guarantee that this type of hoses can operate and guarantee to our clients a totally clean operation.


 ISO 9001 Certificates for Hydrostatic Tests on Pipes, Tanks and Pressure Vessels in General.


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More than 2,500 Hydrostatic Tests executed in Colombia with incident ZERO is our best letter of presentation and the guarantee to our clients to assure the integrity of their recipients under pressure. We are a company that constantly seeks organizational and technological innovation to offer our customers a differentiating service that exceeds their expectations.

ISO 9001 Certificates for Hydrostatic Testing in Boilers.


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We are specialists in hydrostatic tests for boilers of all sizes and specifications. We count on the experience, the personnel and the technology to be the number one company in Colombia in this type of tests.

 ISO 9001 Certificates for Hydrostatic Testing in Process Valves.

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Hydratica plans and executes hydrostatic tests on all types of process valves in all ANSI, all diameters and anywhere in Colombia. We design with finite elements mechanical devices to test non-weldable or flanged valves. We have all the accessories you require to perform the hydrostatic test of your valve where you require it or in our workshops.